Sunday, January 22, 2012

Also known as the Church Avenue Bound G train at 3 AM

Gustave Courbet. Self Portrait/The Desperate Man

Sonnet: On Being Cautioned Against Walking On an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because It Was Frequented By a Lunatic

by Charlotte Smith

Is there a solitary wretch who hies
To the tall cliff, with starting pace or slow,
And, measuring, views with wild and hollow eyes
Its distance from the waves that chide below;
Who, as the sea-born gale with frequent sighs
Chills his cold bed upon the mountain turf,
With hoarse, half-uttered lamentation, lies
Murmuring responses to the dashing surf?
In moody sadness, on the giddy brink,
I see him more with envy than with fear;
He has no nice felicities that shrink
From giant horrors; wildly wandering here,
He seems (uncursed with reason) not to know
The depth or the duration of his woe.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sustenance and Covering

I leave this notice on my door
For each accustomed visitor:
'I am gone into the fields
To take what this sweet hour yields;
Reflection, you may come tomorrow,
Sit by the fireside of Sorrow.
You with the unpaid bill, Despair,
You tiresome verse-recitor, Care,
I will pay you in the grave,
Death will listen to your stave.
Expectation too, be off!
Today is for itself enough...'

Percy Bysshe Shelley