Monday, September 28, 2009


Fall is here and winter is coming, so it's time to start wearing shirts buttoned up to the neck (not that I ever stopped during the summer, but now it will be more comfortable), turtlenecks, shawls, and fake furs. What better to guide us into our cold weather lives and cloaks than films set in 19th and early 20th century Russia?

Nothing is better, that's the answer.


War and Peace:


Even if high collars are not your preference, these are still perfect movies to watch for when it's all chilly outside and all warm inside and you happen to have a refrigerator full of beer and borscht.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get it before it's gone!

There is always some special exhibit, event or festival happening in NY, and a lot of them pass by me either unnoticed or unattended. But I must share two of my favorites that should NOT be missed! Go today for the first, next month for the second, and not a second later.

Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out at the Museum at FIT

Her knowledge about sewing and design is mind blowing. I couldn't look at my little sewing projects for days afterwards without cringing and collapsing into a pile of despair (over what I don't know) and reverence (for her). She's a genius! And here she is, looking ravishing.

It ends September 26, hurry!

And coming up....
Norwegian Film Week at Scandinavia House

I grew up around so many cultures in Queens, but Scandinavian culture wasn't really one of them. The only times I was exposed to it was when my grandfather would pull out the family tree and show me where my great great grandparents came from and how our name was changed from Johansson, to Skjold, to Schold. In elementary school I used to do a yearly report on Norway and bring in a Norwegian berry pudding while explaining to everyone that all my ancestors were Vikings.

Although there is still a small possibility that might be true, I don't go around saying it and instead just love visiting Scandinavia House. It has a small library, children's playroom, rotating gallery, restaurant, shop and theater. The Norwegian Film Week lasts from October 14th to 24th, and Scandinavia House is compact enough to see it all in one day, so try it!