Sunday, November 29, 2009

Excuse me, you have golden sparkles between your teeth

Ichigo is thinking of starting a baking blog, and we were talking about how frustrating it is when people post pictures of what wonders they made, and don't show you how. So I am going to show you, mostly by links, how to make pumpkin cookies:

Step 1: Find a recipe such as this one.
Step 2: Substitute that frosting with a cream cheese frosting, except use half the amount of sugar.
Step 3: Get yourself to a Williams Sonoma or NYCake, or another store that sells golden, shimmering sugar, and dust that on the cookies.
Step 4: Put it on the dessert table.
Step 5: Stand by the dessert table and count exactly how many cookies each guest ate. This number is now directly proportional to how much you like each person! Keep reminding them of this until they run away from you, leaving behind a trail of crumbs.



Daniel-Halifax said...

step five:
2 under gunshot the night of,
5 (or more) the next morning for breakfast,
2 in my pocket for the ride home.
i only forced myself to throw up 3

Daniel-Halifax said...

*gunPOINT not SHOT...

jenna said...

but regret is 0-RIGHT???

Aron said...

not fair. I'm hungry.

jenna said...

Take one, please!