Thursday, September 15, 2011

Go Here

Earlier this week I ventured into the big city, and for the first time in my life was startled by the sound of voices everywhere. 12 days in the woods does that. To make the most of the Portland venture, I tracked down mysterious signs for The Good Mod, turning down Gowanus-esque roads and dusty alleys. If you are someday following the same signs, keep going until you hit an unwelcoming warehouse parking lot, because that means you've made it! It is worth feeling lost for the treasures within. I treated it like a small museum instead of a store, so that I could leave inspired, not inspired and on a penniless high (so bittersweet). Here's what I would have brought with me, had it not been a museum and all.:

Danish Stacking Tables

Sergio Rodrigues Sheriff Chair and Ottoman. Just intimidating enough to make a good conversation piece. Also, very comfortable.


(Since my pictures didn't turn out too well in the dimly lit, dusty, beautiful space, these are from


Daniel-Halifax said...

Holy crap the Sheriff chair is stunning! Just the name makes me want one!

Jenna said...

It was gorgeous!! You would've loved that place. I just re-read the post and saw "big warehouse parking lot" written twice in the same paragraph. The teacher left in me is aghast! Where in the world is my red pen?

Miss Julia G said...

Maybe you just already forgot how big parking lots can be...